FACET Innovations is happy to provide assistance and resources to students, teachers, schools and other educational institutions.  These resources include:

The Diagnoser Project: is a free website that provides formative assessment and instructional tools for science teachers to use with their students.  This ongoing project inlcudes content and technology contributions from many past and present funders and collaborators. Visit The Diagnoser Project page to read Jim Minstrell's account of the history of the Diagnoser Project.  The Diagnoser Project tools exist to support teachers in implementing a Diagnostic Learning Environment

Tools:  We have developed many tools to assist us with our diverse reasearch and evaluation projects. Click here to learn more.

Publications: Below are a few recent publications.  To view a more complete list of publications authored by the  FACET Innovations staff click here.

Minstrell, J., R. Anderson, et al. (2008). Bridging from Practice to Research and Back: Tools to Support Formative Assessment. Science Assessment: Research and Practical Approaches. J. Coffey, R. Douglas and C. Sterns, NSTA Press.

Minstrell, J. A. and P. A. Kraus (2005). Guided Inquiry in the Science Classroom. How Students Learn: History, Mathematics, and Science in the Classroom. M. S. Donovan and J. D. Bransford. Washington DC, National Academies Press.