Seattle Pacific University Teacher Professional Continuum

Improving the Effectiveness of Teacher Diagnostic Skills and Tools

Project Personnel:

Stamatis Vokos, PI
John Lindberg, Co-PI
Lane Seeley, Co-PI

FACET Innovations:
Pamela Kraus, Co-PI
Jim Minstrell, Co-PI






Project #: TPC-0455796
Project Start Date: 4/15/2005



             The Physics Department at Seattle Pacific University and FACET Innovations LLC, partnering with Seattle Public Schools, Spokane School District, and Bellevue School District seek support for a TPC Category B Resources for Professional Development--Full Development Project.  This five-year, $1.5 million research and development effort will target the in-depth preparation and enhancement of teachers of physics and physical science in grades 5-10.
             The project will achieve its broad impact by a two-pronged approach: (1) production, delivery over the web, and iterative refinement of research-based diagnostic classroom tools in the gateway areas for all sciences: Properties of Matter, Heat and Temperature, and Physical and Chemical Changes, and (2) development of a framework for using diagnostic classroom tools in the delivery of professional development to deepen the subject matter content knowledge, enrich the pedagogical content knowledge, broaden the curricular content knowledge, and hone the diagnostic skills of all teachers, especially those who are new to the intentional use of assessment in science instruction.  These tools are based on the Diagnoser Project tools that are currently being implemented in the context of force and motion.
             The intellectual merit of the project consists in identifying and categorizing widespread productive and unproductive modes of reasoning employed by both precollege students and teachers on foundational topics; developing, implementing, and evaluating the efficacy of web-based diagnostic tools that provide detailed, real-time, facet-based formative assessment to teachers (and teacher educators) to guide further instruction; and contributing to the evidentiary base of teacher development and the teaching and learning of science.