We work on several projects with many collaborators.  Below are the titles of many of our current and past projects.  Click on a highlighted title to learn more.

Diagnostic Assessment and Professional Development Projects

Seattle Pacific University-TPC: Improving the Effectiveness of Teacher Diagnostic Skills and Tools
In this project we are adding content to the Diagnoser Tools (Properties of Matter, Heat and Temperature, and the Particulate Nature of Matter).  In addition we are refining our professional development around implementing a diagnostic learning environment.

Seattle Pacific University-DRK-12: Honing Diagnostic Practice--Toward a New Model of Teacher Professional Preparation and Development
In this project we are adding content to the Diagnoser Tools (Energy).  In addition, we are building resources for teacher educators to better support the effective implementation of a diagnostic learning environment.

SRI International-DRK-12: Chemistry Facets-- Formative Assessment to Improve Student Understanding in Chemistry
In this project we are adding content to the Diagnoser Tools (High School Chemistry).  In addition, we are studying the impacts on teachers and students who choose to use these tools as they implement a diagnostic learning environment in their classrooms.

SRI International-DRK-12: Developing Contingent Pedagogies

Research and Evaluation Projects

FACET Innovations -Teacher Understanding and Use of Formative Assessment

Spokane School District-TPC: Effects of a Coach-focused Professional Learning Model on Lesson Development, Lesson Delivery and Student Learning, Achievement and Performance

Olympic Math and Science Partnership (OMSP)

Seattle School District MSP: Professional Teachers of Science

Western Washington University MSP: North Cascades and Olympic Peninsula Science Partnership

Past Projects

FACET Innovations-Applied Research on Implementing a Diagnostic Learning Environment (Final Report NSF grant ESI-0435727)